The Jerky Boys are a Prank Calling duo. Johnny B. and Kamal have describes themselves as 2 "low-lifes from Queens" released 3 albums, 2 of which have gone platinum. They've also released a movie or two.

A duo that has taken irritainment and made it into a commercial success, spawning many albums, bootlegs, and a movie. Their specialty is making prank calls, but not just your typical "Is your refrigerator running"-type calls. These are professional grade.

Several rotating characters make their material even funnier, especially because of their delivery. They are dynamic, toying with the person on the other end. One call started to go so far into the absurd that the receiver wanted to put it on speaker phone and let others listen, which was even funnier because from then on the conversation was harmless, making the receiver look crazy.

Sol Rosenberg is a sniveling, nerdy character. He has troubles with "anal warts".

Frank Rizzo is boisterous and loud, calling to complain about trouble with his roof, or forcing himself on an employer who is looking to hire.

You've probably heard some of their work inadvertently, such as the "You kick my dog" that was circulating through mailing lists a while back.

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