Sony's repackaged version of the old PlayStation console. About 1/3 of the bulk of the original, this is obviously an attempt to rack up PlayStation sales before the PlayStation 2 launches in the United States. If you don't have a PlayStation yet, hold out for the PlayStation 2 which should be out by Christmas 2000 at the latest, it can play the old PlayStation games and the new DVD ones designed for it.

A rebuilt Playstation, the PSone is 100% compatible with all original PS games but is a third of the size and is aimed at "The mobile generation".
Despite this the console is not really portable, Sony are planning to release a tiny LCD screen for on the road gaming but the system has no battery compartment and has to be plugged in to work, even if a third party manufacturer were to release a battery pack plugin the PSone's 2 speed cd rom drive would have difficulty coping in bumpy conditions (eg. in a train or car).
Sony have also had to cut corners to keep the consoles size down; the parralell port has been removed, so no PS linkup games, Gameshark, reset button, or PSXAMP support.
As well as being smaller and sexier, you can bet that PSOne is designed to correct some of the piracy related woes Sony had with the Playstation. The absence of the parallel port is clearly intended to prevent the use of copy protection defeating gizmos. Chipping these babies is bound to be more of a challenge than chipping the original Playstation too (I've since been informed this is not the case... Hmmm).

However, PSOne does introduce new features: apparently the device has mobile phone connectivity, meaning that sometime soon you might be playing online over the cellphone network, on your PSOne.

Dammit, I want one, for the sake of the completeness of my console collection, but I just can't justify paying money for a machine that doesn't let me play any new games.

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