A Playstation 2 video game. Released in North America in March of 2002. Distributed by Agetec and created by From Software, King's Field: The Ancient City is part of the long running King's Field series which began on the Playstation (PSOne). It is a first person, single character RPG. King's Field features a rudimentary, element based magic system as well as character advancement through equipment upgrades and basic combat ability advancement.

KF:TAC is quite visibly a part of the the King's Field series. The control system is completely identical to KF1. The multiple magic skill development as seen in KF2 has been removed. The NPC behaviour, and enemy AI is pretty much the same. Hidden chambers, fillable vials, healing herbs, Little Shop of Horrors death plants, and skeletons; if you have played a King's Field you will know exactly what to expect with KF:TAC. The graphics and sound have been touched up, although they are still a bit behind more cutting edge titles.

For those unfamiliar with the King's Field series it plays very similarily to Eternal Ring. There are similar games on the PC, however with its console roots, KF:TAC is vastly more simplified, playing somewhat like a first person Diablo, with a slower pace. The game's main strength is in its atmosphere.

Note on titles: the original King's Field I was never released in North America. King's Field I, II in North America would actually be II & III in Japan.

Also the North American release date is March 26, 2002, although it was available for rent in some places around March 14, 2002.

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