Our words are backed by NUCLEAR WEAPONS!

A comment seen in the game Civilization II once a computer player has acquired nuclear weapons, intended to incite fear in the heart of the player.

In and of itself, this would not be odd. The trouble is, the computer player is hardcoded to say this so long as it controls a single nuclear missile, regardless of other external factors.

Take the SDI defence city improvement. Once a city builds one, that city is immune to an attack by a nuclear missile. Obviously, once you discover The Laser, the prerequisite for the SDI defence, your first priority should be to get one of these in each of your cities. Once you have done this, the computer's fear-inducing comment of wielding nukes becomes completely impotent.

It also will make the comment whether or not you're at war with that particular computer player or not. When your closest ally tells you that their words are backed by nukes, you tend to get a little wary regarding the strength of your alliance. Threatening someone with nukes does not tend to earn you their trust.

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