A restaurant in Kansas City, MO. The place is a greasy hamburger stand built in an old garage. There's a beautiful air of anachronism in the place, as the decor is from the 1950's, the music is from the 1960's and 1970's, and the waitresses couldn't be from any other time than now.

The fare is fairly expensive for a dive: expect to pay about $10 a person. It's expensive for a dive, but it's glorious for a dive. The milkshakes are wonderful -- thick, eldritch, and creamy. The fries are terribly good -- dangerously greasy, pleasantly crispy, and available with either gravy or chili. Vegetarian chili is avalaible for vegetarians and vegans who want to die just as young as carnivores.

Fsck it, the burgers deserve their own paragraph. You can feel fat radiating off of these beauties, and the buns are fresh sourdough. The king of their burgers is the towering Fat Boy. This stately monarch has two beef patties, three types of cheese, jalepenos ground into the patties, bacon, and a fried egg. That's right, a fried egg. I get my fat boys with chili on them.

There's a hospital down the street.

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