Comics character published by Archie Comics. Archie Andrews was created by Bob Montana and first published in Pep #22 in 1941.

Archie Andrews is the typical teenage boy and has been so for over sixty years. He is the son of Fred and Martha Andrews and a student at Riverdale High. Archie is about 17 years old with red hair and freckles and is the everyman of a series of comics from the comics publisher with which he shares his name, Archie Comics.Archie shares most of the worries of a young American male: friends, cars, and girls (not necessarily in that order).

Archie's best friend is a rather simple minded young man named Forsythe Jones, but who has been stuck with the nickname of Jughead. The two are nearly inseparable, hanging out at the local beach, at school, and at the local malt shop which goes by the name of Pops.

Archie's most famous relationships are those he has with Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. In the classic style of most love triangles, Archie finds himself pursuing Veronica, a wealthy socialite, competing all the while with a rich classmate name Reginald (Reggie) Mantle III. While Archie pursues the brunette vixen Veronica, he in turn is chased after by the blonde "every girl" Betty Cooper. Archie is known to go out with both girls and after sixty years is still making out with them with both feet on the floor, potentially making him the most frustrated teenager alive.

Archie Andrews and his pals were part of a successful series of comic books. Taking a page from DC Comics Superman family of characters and from the Harvey Comics Richie Rich franchise, Archie Comics produced a wide variety of titles starring nearly every character and with nearly no title being too specific. Hence, the reason that in 1955, Archie Comics published a title called Archie's Mechanics that told how to repair your car.

In the 1960's, Archie and his friends came to the little screen in a cartoon show. The show was produced by Filmation and featured the adventures of Archie and his friends as well as short musical numbers by the group. The band behind the music The Archies were produced by Don Kirshner and had a number one hit with the song Sugar, Sugar.

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