cOmmunication Routing PHonebox for inhousE applications

Terminal for domestic networking

ORPHEO™ is the domestic terminal, created by Telecom Italia Lab, which integrates the potential of a DECT cordless telephone, capable of sending SMS from the fixed line network, with the ability to operate a domestic network connected to the Internet with a broadband connection.

Thanks to ORPHEO™ it's possible to access all of the broadband Internet services offered by a telecommunications provider, creating a dialog between the various terminals present in a house (personal computer, set top box for video applications, alarm systems, "intelligent" appliances, ect.).

Specific Functions of ORPHEO:

ORPHEO™ allows the full integration of “home networking” applications.

Some of the functions available from inside of a house:

• divide high speed Internet access between different terminals (wireless e wired)
• consult audio/video archives on remote servers
• exchange the files of your preferred film with your friends
• download multimedia content quickly

Some functions available from remote locations:

• set the recording time of a preferred TV program
• verify the state of a video surveillance systems
• close “intelligent” window shades of a specific room or control the functioning of an “intelligent” washing machine

General Characteristics

ORPHEO™ represents a true network node and comprises the gateway between the domestic network and a service provider’s network (Internet and telephone), allowing the exchange of bi-directional information for many applications including:
• division of broadband Internet access between the various terminals active in the house
• local and remote operation of various terminals (telephone, PC, stereo system, VCR and set top box, television and monitors, domestic automatic systems for security, etc.) transmitted via an internal LAN
• acquire and elaborate multimedia content from the outside network, for archiving and exchanging with other users

ORPHEO™ also possesses a WEB interface (via a PC) for easy terminal configuration. The terminal accepts an ADSL line (up to 8 Mbit/s) and a POTS modem and provides a exit signal, which can be distributed in the various environments of the house based on two modalities:
• with cables (Ethernet, USB e HomePNA)
• with wireless connections (standard wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b);

This configuration allows access to the broadband services of a telecommunications network operator and, from the domestic side, it allows the flexible operation of the home network based on the type of connection method desired (wired or wireless).

Technical Characteristics

Network Interfaces:
• WAN: modem ADSL, POTS
• LAN: Ethernet 10/100, USB 1.1, HomePNA 2.0 (up to 10 Mbit/s), Wireless LAN 802.11b (up to 11 Mbit/s)

Other Characteristics:
IP router
firewall for the protection of the domestic network
web portal for configuring local applications

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