Advanced Digital bOx for iNhouse Entertainment

Apparatus for the control of multimedia material

ADONE™ is the terminal developed and created by Telecom Italia Lab for the evolved operation and control of audio/video applications.
ADONE™ allows the recording and reproduction of video content (terrestrial or satellite TV), as well as access digital radio stations available on the Internet as well as audio files stored locally. You can also record and copy high quality audio files, navigate the Internet, consult your e-mail and create and organize a your multimedia archive.

The terminal can also serve as a DVD and CD-ROM player and a CD burner, in order to create CD ROM with the multimedia files ADONE™ allows you access to.

Thanks to a simple interface visible on your TV set, with just a few commands from your remote control or a wireless keyboard, ADONE™ allows users to access, store and copy any multimedia content desired raising the value of the domestic network (home network): a real multimedia “organizer” for everyone in the house.

Specific Functions of ADONE:
• Personal Video Recorder with time shifting: the terminal allows users to connect to terrestrial and/or satellite television channels and to digitally record the images, saving them in a permanent manner and rendering them viewable in any order.
• Access to digital radio: it’s possible with ADONE™ to access digital radio broadcasts (also during the viewing, recording or reproduction of video content), combined with the SimpleFi external unit, it’s possible to access thousands of Internet radio stations, as if they were normal radio stations on your home stereo. It is also possible to reproduce MP3 files acquired via the Internet or stored locally in a PC with just a few commands of your remote control the consultation of radio stations is also immediately available via an easy to use remote control.
• Access to the Internet and e-mail: simply clicking on a button of the keyboard or remote control and it’s possible to access the Internet via a browser and a standard e-mail client.
• Control your multimedia archive: the audio and video files are archived on a hard disk and are always ready to be copied and recorded onto Recordable CD.

General Characteristics

The ADONE™ terminal can be connected to the domestic network via three different interfaces:
1) Classic LAN interface - standard Ethernet (up to a 100 Mbit/s)
2) Domestic network interface based on the HomePNA standard (up to a 10 Mbit/s)
3) Wireless LAN 802.11b interface (up to 11 Mbit/s)

These choices guarantee the maximum level of flexibility allowing the terminal to be adapted to the specific characteristics of an existing domestic network or in the case of new installation, this flexibility allows users to decide which type of connection better suits the environmental conditions and those of the terminals being used (PC, STB, handheld computer, automation systems, etc.)

ADONE™ can also include an internal ADSL modem and can be configured as a domestic router. If ADONE™ doesn’t include the ADSL modem; it must be connected to another gateway connecting to the outside network (for example, the ORPHEO™ terminal produced by Telecom Italia Lab) in order to allow access to the Internet.

ANDONE™ interfaces with a TV set (domestic and/or satellite antenna) and home stereo unit in order to distribute the audio and video signals. A home PC can also be connected to the domestic network allowing Internet navigation of non-multimedia material.

Technical Characteristics
Network interfaces:
Ethernet 10/100 (optional: wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b, HomePNA 2.0, ADSL)
Audio/video interfaces:
• TV in, TV tuner, SCART out (optional: wireless), DVB-S (optional), FM radio tuner (optional)
• Double audio out (Dolby 5:1, Stereo), useable at the same time
Other Characteristics:
• Up to a 160 GB hard drive (capable of some 200 hours of video recoding at VHS quality)
• Routing/gateway/IP firewall capability (optional with the ADSL modem model)
• Controllable via handheld computer
Other Features available in 2002:
• Live recording of Internet audio/video streaming
• SW to automatically reprogram remote control functionality
Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) accessible from remote locations to program the PVR
• Stack OSGi
• Double TV tuner
• Integrated domestic automation functions
• Chat, instant messaging

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