Why should a historically famous mass murderer stop you from exercising your right to keep your family name, or the name of your husband? Just because you happen to share his uncommon name doesn't mean that your identity has to be entwined with his.

There are 62 Mr and Ms Hitlers in the United States, according to www.meta-people-search.com. Several are in their eighties and ninties, born when young Adolf was still a nobody in the beer halls of Munich. Yet there are younger people, including what seems to be a family with little Hitlers in Salt Lake City, and couples in Wisconsin and Mississippi.

One would also think there is a sufficent quotient of crazies and kooks in the United States for there to be people who would have changed their name by deed poll. Only one person was discovered, with two street addresses that included '666 Main Street' and '1 Pretend Road', suggesting that there is a unobservant metadata manager somewhere. Perhaps people are prevented from naming themselves Adolf Hitler, although some have evidently succeeded with names like 'Adlof' and 'Adlaf'.

Sure enough, the naturally born Hitlers would have suffered strange looks, ridicule and gossip, particularly during World War II. One wonders how many dumbfounded customers Karen Hitler would face each day if she worked at Denny'sHi, my name is Karen Hitler and I will be your waitress tonight.

Outside the United States, there is Hitler Pamba, a noted Australian aboriginal artist. The former (now assassinated) leader of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean Liberation War Veterans Association, Chenjerai Hunzvi, adopted 'Hitler' as his nom de guerre, an odd choice for a medical doctor who married a Polish woman.

And in case you think this is trite, just realise that history's latest anti-Christ, Osama bin Laden, has a surname and first name considerably more common.

People with the Surname 'Hitler' in the United States of America

Adalf Hitler, of Wilson, North Carolina
Adlof Hitler, of Russellville, Arkansas
Adolf Hitler, of Trenton, New Jersey
Adolpho W Hitler, of Portland, Maine
Agnes B Hitler, of Salt Lake City, Utah
Alfred E Hitler, of New Iberia, Louisiana
Andrew F Hitler, of St. Louis, Missouri
Anne M Hitler, of Columbus, Indiana
Balasubramanian Manian Hitler, of Louisville, Kentucky
Belinda Hitler, of Salt Lake City, Utah
Betty Hitler, of Waldport, Oregon
Betty L Hitler, of Indianapolis, Indiana
Carrie Hitler, of Lindenhurst, New York
Charlotte Hitler, of Winthrop, Maine
Cheryl Hitler, of Cut Bank, Montana
Christopher L Hitler, of Mequon, Wisconsin
Debbrah J Hitler, of Greenfield, Indiana
Donna Sue Hitler, of Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Donna Hitler, of Pearl, Mississippi
Edna J Hitler, of Evansville, Indiana
Elizabeth L Hitler, of Minneapolis, Minnesota
Elizondo Hitler, of Visalia, California
Fritz Hitler, of Boise, Idaho
Gene D Hitler, of Salt Lake City, Utah
George D Hitler, of Simpsonville, South Carolina
Gregory Hitler, of Schenectady, New York
Harvey D Hitler, of New York, New York
James A Hitler, of Alma, Arkansas
Jane F Hitler, of Menasha, Wisconsin
Janet S Hitler, of Naples, Florida
Jean A Hitler, of Silverwood, Michigan
Jerry Hitler, of Benoit, Mississippi
John Hitler, of Los Angeles, California
Karen A Hitler, of Akron, Ohio
Karen A Hitler, of Simpsonville, South Carolina
Karin Hitler, of New York, New York
Kathryn A Hitler, of Simpsonville, South Carolina
Kenneth R Hitler, of Des Peres, Missouri
Louis S Hitler, of Circleville, Ohio
Madalyn Hitler, of Visalia, California
Margaret Hitler, of Leachville, Arkansas
Michael E Hitler, of Elkhorn, Nebraska
Nickolas A Hitler, of Boston, Maine
P O Hitler, of Los Angeles, California
P Scott Hitler, of Vincennes, Indiana
Pamela Hitler, of Tacoma, Washington
Peter S Hitler, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Prince Hitler, of Los Angeles, California
Richard B Hitler, of Benoit, Mississippi
Ruth Hitler, of Salt Lake City, Utah
Scott Hitler, of Mequon, Wisconsin
Selvan Hitler, of San Jose, California
Shana J Hitler, of Corning, Ohio
Shannon Hitler, of Greenville, Kentucky
Shawanda A Hitler, of Sandy Hook, Virginia
T A Hitler, of Louisville, Kentucky
Turney Guy Hitler, of Devils Tower, Wyoming
Ungar Hitler, of Denver, Colorado
Verna L Hitler, of Lakeside, California
William Hitler, of Boston, Maine
Yvette M Hitler, of Manchester, New Hampshire

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