Ok, Operation Good Guys is a TV programme on British TV. It comes on at 10pm on BBC2. It is about a team of police officers, it is made in the form of a documentry but is a comedy. The police force is not a real one, so really it is taking the piss out of fly on the wall TV shows.

The police in the show include officers:

Officer De Sade
De Sade is a trained gun man and plays the part of taking the piss out of everyone, He is about 27 years old and has silly ideas about policing.

Officer Zebubb
He is also a gun man, he follows orders with more sense of duty but is still crazy enough to get mixed up with the rest of the Good Guys.

DI Beech
he is incharge of the Good Guys, he should not be incharge as he is more interested in petty things like who gets to sleep in the top bunk. He expects respect from all the team members but usually gets none apart from his loyal friend Ash.

Officer Ash
He thinks the sun shines out of Beech's ass, and will do anything for him, rather emotional when others become friendly with Beech. He is sensible but does not use it if it goes against the opinions of Beech.

He like most of the Good Guys has no respect for Beech, he just prats about on the beat, but does not even draw the line at taking the mick out of the victims of a vicious cat napping scam. (these are the sort of things all police deal with, hahah) really funny character and programme mainly for its stupidity.

Officer Kemp
He must be the most sensible character in the show. He does not care what anyone thinks of him and tries to explain his every action, being sensible does not stop him from cocking up, he does not mind being the scapegoat of the operations.

Bones is the mummies boy of the team he is scared of everything and everyone. He carries around with him his testicle that he had removed pickled in a jar. oh yeah and his teddy bear. He is stupid and fat but apart from that a good officer.

This is the general gist of the show watch it it is really funny, this node will be updated as the team fuck up every thursday night.

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