Caldera's OpenLinux is a distribution of linux. It's current version, 1.3, ships with KDE, RPM package management, and, in the official release, StarOffice. It's a kick-ass distro, and my personal favorite. /* Enter troll mode here */ Way cooler than RedHat, Slackware, or Debian. /* Exit troll mode and define _just_kidding.c while in troll mode */Instead of 1-800-COLLECT, try 1-888-GO-LINUX.

Caldera OpenLinux is no longer a very nice distribution. 1.3 may have been good, but 2.2 was a total fuckup. They introduced their lovely graphical administration tools, which didn't work and didn't tell you the equivalent command-line way to set the options. They screwed up .Xauthority so that it wasn't possible to run graphical programs as root without logging in to X as root. They patched the kernel to use SVGA text mode except it had random graphical glitches.

You'll notice that nobody uses OpenLinux anymore.

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