The open shell stitch is very easy to master, and once memorized can be added easily to any blanket as a boarder, or can be used to create a airy looking but warm afghan.

The pattern is relatively easy, and goes as follows:

Chain 40. You don’t have to chain 40, but 40 is a good number to start with to get the feel of the pattern. The multiples for this pattern are 5 + 1, meaning any amount you use should be a multiple of both 5 and 1.

Row One: For row one, chain one, skip one and stitch (to turn) then single stitch two more (total of three single stitch); *chain three and skip three; and single stitch three more*; rep. From *. One the first row, you want to end on a three single stitch section.

Row Two:Turn, Chain one, and skip a stitch, single crotchet in the second chain. *Two double crochet in the first hole of the chain, one double in the second, and two in the third. Anchor this by single crocheting in the second single crochet after the fan.* By doing this, you are creating a fan shape that will hold, but appears more lacy than its sister the shell stitch. To finish this row, rep from *. You want to end on an anchor stitch.

Row Three:The third row is the same as the first. You single stitch three, chain three. You want the chain three to be in the valley of the shells you made in row two. This will stagger the fans.

Row Four:Same as row two, but this time instead of starting with an anchor stitch, you are starting in the middle of a fan. *Start by chaining three, this counts as your first double crochet, add two double crochets to the third chain, and anchor *. You want to end this row in the middle of a shell as well.

|+++   +++   +++ |
++___+ ___ +___++
++__+++ __+++__++

An entire blanket can be made off of these four row patterns. It looks very nice with a variegated yarn, and can be adapted to make a nice blanket for a summer baby.

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