Worked at a different store today. Super boring start, asked if the guy I was working with wanted me to leave, but ended up staying anyways. We got busier, he sold a bunch of stuff while I helped an elderly veteran and his step-daughter with his account. Everything takes longer when you are new, and it was a big mess, but I think it was good I stayed despite the frustration. Got back on a dating website because I am still bored and lonely. Forgot how many matches you have to cycle through to get a half-way decent conversation, but at least it is a start. Already had one guy tell me I am a waste of time. You would laugh if I showed you the pictures he sent me, so glad I can laugh and have a sense of humor about things. Sometimes I swipe on people who look nice and have learned that this is a mistake so I will stop repeating it. Exhausted and scared that this job is not going to end up going well, but also more optimistic than I was so I guess that's something.



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