David and Lisa is a 1962 drama played by Keir Dullea, and Janet Margolin. A fifteen year old boy named David Clemens suffers from the obsessive compulsive disorder of washing. He is deathly afraid of germs, the physical touch, and human interaction. He has an obsession with clocks. He frequently sketches various designs of clocks, and their workings. When he is sent off to a mental institution for teens, he meets a young girl named Lisa. She is a schizophrenic, with a bipolar personality. Her first personality is Lisa, a giggly girl who talks in rhymes. She does this to avoid her second personality, Muriel. Muriel acts her age in this form of her personality. She doesn't talk at all, and writes down anything she wants to communicate.

David begins to befriend Lisa, something he has never done with anyone. All is going mildly well for David until his parents decide to take him out of school. He resents them for this, a runs away from home, going back to the institution. There he meets back up with Lisa, but only to make her angry causing her to flee the school. After looking all over New York, David, and his teachers find her about to be raped. The rapists flee, leaving Lisa physically unharmed. David, in the end, requests Lisa to take his hand, a dramatic revelation for him. Lisa, severely shaken by the night's events, ceases her rhyming and writing, and truly speaks as a mentally healthy person.

The time this was filmed, the act of speaking in monotone was considered highly realistic. Today however, it doesn't hold much merit as a film. It was later adapted into a Broadway play, with a more comic twist.

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