Hmm... what else happened on my birthday?


American inventor John Stevens and his son Robert Livingston Stevens operate the first steam-propelled ferryboat between New York City and Hoboken, New Jersey.


The Soviet cosmonauts Valery V. Ryumin and Leonid I. Popov return to Earth after a record 185 days in space abord Salyut 6.


Mathematicians use a network of computers in the United States, Europe, and Australia to factor a 100-digit number for the first time.

Well, who was born today?


Eleanor Roosevelt, social activist


Art Blakey, American jazz drummer and bandleader


Maria Bueno, Brazilian amateur tennis player

Any holidays?

Antifascist Uprising Day (Macedonia)
General Pulaski Memorial Day
National Coming Out Day (United States)
Revolution Day (Panama)

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