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Basically to write about whatever the hell I want to.
mad phat skillz on 'da turntables
Vulpine Arts Studios and 4D4U Films
It's better to regret something you have done, than something you haven't.
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Why didn't you just get a dog?
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... goes scientific progress?


... in his cd player?
U-Ziq - Royal Astronomy

... in his cd-rom?
American McGee's Alice

... in his car?
a bunch of trash because I fell under a lazy spell

... in his bank account?
constantly fluctuating amounts of money

... in his bed?
giant life sized white tiger kitten plushie

... in his stomach?
completly eaten and soon to be complete mush Quarter Pounder With Cheese

... in his digestive tract?
last night's meal of shrimp chow mein

... in his toilet?
this morning's routine urinary discharge

... in his computer?
sumfin betta' than yo's, biaach!

... in his head?
creativity, intelligence, insight, bong water

we rock the body, rock the body, come on

we rock the body, rock the body, come on

we rock the body, rock the body, come on

get down baby, gonna make you freak, uh huh!

(( From kitten by Sour ))

I am but a kitten
With soft and fluffy fur
And if you care to pet me
You will hear me purr
I am but a kitten
Rub my little head
Maybe if I like you
I'll snuggle up on your bed
I am but a kitten
Living in the pound
I hope you come to get me
Before I get put-down
I am but a kitten
Did you ever hear,
Thousands of kittens are killed
In the pound every year
I am but a kitten
My old owner fled
Even if I had stayed with him...
He'd probably kill me dead
I am but a kitten
My cage is very small
I wish someone would take me
A loving human strong and tall
But I am but a kitten
And I hope someday you'll see
I can't come to you
You'll have to come to me.