A city on the east coast of Maryland that is very popular because of its beach and boardwalk. Its population increases threefold during the summer months as people swarm to hotels along Coastal Highway. It is also the beginning of Route 50, which ends up in Sacramento, CA.

If you plan on staying in OC, do stay on Coastal Highway, and all the fun stuff (like the boardwalk, the sand artists, the kite shop) are towards the lower-numbered streets.

I remember the stupid things,
the bracelets and the beads
nickels and dimes, Yours and mine,
You don't dream for me, no.
You don't dream for me, no.

Third Eye blind - Never let you go

She asked me what I remembered about Ocean City,
As though I could sum it up in a few words,
as if it were a single day.

So probably best to describe it as a color:
Blue, a single word.

The ocean,
the sky (too bright to look at for too long, but still)
and the crabs,
dozens of them in a plastic bucket.
Caught by skinny kids with a hook filled with bacon.

She asked me what I remember about Ocean City.
I remember thinking summer would last forever.

for NanceMuse

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