A 61-key MIDI controller keyboard, released around 1984 with the list price of $995.

The XK is an inexpensive lightweight controller originally marketed for use with the Xpander synthesizer module.
The unit's main feature is its 5-octave 61-note keyboard with attack/release velocity and aftertouch sensitivity, plus switchable velocity scales. The XK offers 3-part multi-timbrality, and each part (called zone) can be split and layered independently.

100 patches can be selected on the XK, along with 100 of its own keyboard settings. There are also start / stop / continue and song selection controls on the front panel, for controlling drum machines and sequencers.
A chord hold function is included, which enables the user to transpose a programmed chord with a single key. An arpeggiator with five programmable transpositions is also available, and can be synced to an external clock.
Other features include the usual lever and pedal controls, which can be used to control a variety of different functions via MIDI, individually on each zone.

38.5" (w) x 10" (d) x 3.5" (h)

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