Unrelated to anything Nazi or German, the Nuremberg Files were created, or at least posted, by an individual who is a colorful figure involved with some far right-wing groups and militant individuals in the anti-abortion movement in the United States.

Born and raised on a farm in Georgia, Neal Horsley (who sometimes refers to himself as Cowboy Neal which should never be confused with the Cowboy Neal of Slashdot fame), found religion and found God while serving time for a drug conviction having to do with hashish oil. This is a man who admitted to Alan Colmes (radio talk show host and co-host of Hannity and Colmes) an Esquire magazine article got it right when it said his first girlfriend was a mule. In addition to his love with 4-legged beasts he also admitted he had sex with men which was once alluded to on his website in a strange way.

While looking for causes or just trying to find like-minded individuals, he came across a rabid antiabortion group calling itself the American Coalition of Life Activists. They had gathered information and created dossiers on doctors who provided abortions; these dossiers had information on these doctors including data like work and home addresses, information about family members, information on the cars driven by the doctors, photos, etc. Neal Horsley posted these dossiers, renaming them the Nuremberg Files, on a website he created and dubbed the christian gallery (christiangallery.com); which espoused fundamentalist views on society and called for the arrest of "faggots." Strangely, in addition to his so-called Nuremberg Files and his calls to have all homosexuals arrested and abortion providers prosecuted,there were also links to gay porn sites on his website; links he would later take down.

In 1998, after Dr. Slepian was murdered in New York, Horsley claimed he found a list of doctors who had been killed or wounded over the years and he decided to add these to his Nuremberg Files. In macabre fashion, he grayed out the names of doctors who had been wounded and for the doctors who had been killed; he put a line through their names as if crossing them off a hit list of sorts. Planned Parenthood would accuse him of this exact thing and in 1999 they successfully filed suit in Federal Court and were awarded 107 million dollars in damages and a judge's order for Horsley to take down his list, but supposedly there are mirror sites who have the list he originally posted.


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