Imagine Ed Wood directing for Hammer Films. Now imagine it in Italian. The film bombed in Italy, but has had a surprisingly positive release on DVD. Literally translated from the Italian Nuda per Satana, this cheesy 1974 spaghetti Horror film's only redeeming feature is the hilarity of the title.


After Dr. William Benson (Giuseppe Mattei) crashes his car into a ditch on a dark and stormy night, he awakens to watch a women (Rita Calderoni) crashing her car into the very same ditch. After briefly assessing the woman's liberal coating of corn syrup, the doctor heads to the nearby gothic castle for assistance where he encounters 70's pimp Satan, and a bodice-wearing clone of the car crash victim. Random debauchery, vampiric lesbianism and general Plan 9-style hijinx ensue.

Nude for Satan runs the fine line between irony and pornography. It is technically appalling, with a soundtrack hacked clumsily on top of the action, awkward and busy camera work, execrable special effects, and a boatload of continuity problems. The acting is painfully amateurish. There is, however, one hell of a flaming orgy scene.

Undisputed Highlights

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