Waiting for Satan, Marion?

Based on a 1920's HS girl's Journal, Waiting for Satan is an explorations for today's Women Artist, who without positive pressure to create, feel corraled into Bad Jobs, Motherhood and Marriage. The following is a snippet of the first defining Motivation (other than the Journal) for this project.

From "More than Meat Joy. Performance works and selected writings." Carolee Schneemann c.1979 pg. 198


"By the year 2000 no young woman artist will meet the determined reistance and constant undermining which I endured as a student. Her Studio and Istory courses will usually be taught by women;she will never feel like a provisional guest at the banquet of life; or a monster defying her "God-given" role; or a belligerent whose devotion to creativity could only exist at the expense of a man, or men and their needs. Nor will she go into the "art world" gracing or disgracing a pervading stud club of artists, historians,teachers, museum directors, magzine editors, gallery dealers-all male, or committed to masculine preserves. All that is marvelously alrady falling around our feet."

"One further change will be the assembling of pioneer istorians-themselves discredited or fogoten by tradiitionl masculists authority. In the year 2000 they will be on the required reading lists! what a joy to welcome; Helen Diner, J.J. Bachofen, Michelet, Rilke, Goulde-Davis, Jane Elle Harrison, Robert Gaves, Jacquetta Hwkes, Ruth Benedict, Robert Briffaut, Erich Neumann, H.D., Marie Le Court, Ruth Herchberger, Bryther, H.R. Hays, Mina Mosdherosch schmidt, Clara E.C. Waters (1904), Elizabeth F. Ellet (1859!)

The negative aspect is simply that the young women coming to these vital studies will never really believe that we in our desperate ground work, were so crippled and isolated; that a belief ad dedication to a feminine istory of art was designed by those who might have taught it, and considered heretical and false by those who should have taught it. That our deepest energies were nurtured in secret, with precedents we kept secret- our lost women. Now found and to be found again."

I ask you now in 2001 is this hopeful open letter to Women in the year 2000 an accurate representation of our situation? Or are we women artist/ businesswomen /educators /musicians /writers/psychologists/doctors/humanatarians et all-still waiting for permission to take hold of our rightful place in his-tory. Or are we, as I believe, still Waitng for Satan to deliver us from our own ignorance; to give us permisson to become the narrators of our own life's story/istory, to think outside the box, to be wild, thoughless to be a not only Mothers-Whores-Virgins but all that is within our means, our grasp. our imaginations?

Waiting for Satan, Marion? will be realzed as a short documentary film. E2 Forum is a continuation of my research into this dilema, my dilema, an ongoing stuggle against man-made *natural* constraints on my self, my nature, my story.

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