I'm entering week two of having iritis. Feeling very sorry for myself. My left eye has stopped hurting now, but the right one is pretty painful and inflamed. I have to drip the right eye every two hours with one kind of eyedrops, and every four hours with something else, and then there's a gel that I have to put in at night. The left eye is only every four hours with one kind, and morning and night with the other, no gel.

Now, as the very organised and prepared person I am, I mislaid my glasses years ago, and never really got around to buying another pair - which means that I am practically blind now that I'm not allowed to wear contacts.

My ophtal.. optom... eye-doctor sent me to have some blood tests taken, to find out why I all of a sudden am being attacked by this very annoying affliction. I'm suspecting menopause (I mean, menopause can cause all kinds of oddities), but doc says that it's unlikely. Hrmph.

I am writing this with my nose almost touching the keyboard, periodically having to lean close to the screen to see if I typed it up right, causing me to type with my bosom. I should probably keep away from the computer for a few days.

Anyway: /complaint

Thanks for your time.

Conspiracy theory

Recently, there have been two cases in the news that bare striking similarities. In Afghanistan, a police men being trained by the British Army shot dead five soldiers then ran away (I believe) and it is claimed he did it on behalf of the Taliban. Then, yesterday, a soldier at Fort Hood in America (with two supporters) fired onto a crowd of people, killing twelve and injuring thirty (at least), before he was shot by the military police (whether the people he was firing at were soldiers or civilians I don’t know).

There are remarkable similarities between these two events, they both involve a group of soldiers and the area they are on, with an individual who is well acquainted with the soldiers and the area, who with a gun goes out to kill some people in the said area. Now, what can we get from this, the similarities and the fact they occurred within (for all I can tell) one day of each other. Perhaps there will be another similar attack today. What could be happening?

I propose that someone or some organization has planted saboteurs in the British and U.S. armies at least, with an aim of causing as much loss of life as possible. Why might they want to do that?

Well if it’s an organization or person who is willing to kill people, they are probably trying to damage the power of the army before a major attack, or this could be some kind of cleverly extended guerrilla warfare or they are just trying to give the generals and politicians the creeps in the hope that they will meet their demands. Now here’s the tricky question, who is this person and/or organisation?

Well, it could be anyone, but the most likely organization is Al Queada, through a vast chain of organizations from the Taliban to whatever the organization is in America. If it is Al Queada then they will probably be trying to give the top dogs the creeps. But it could be anyone; it could be drug lords, enviro-terrorists or some organization that we haven’t yet heard of to name but a few. This is just my theory. :)      

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