In Chinese astronomy the Northern Bushel is the constellation which corresponds to Ursa Major or the Big Dipper.

The Northern Bushel plays an very important, if obscure, role in Taoist Magic.

This is the only constellation in Chinese astronomy that corresponds to a Western one, the rest of the stars have been collected into different configurations.

The first five stars symbolize the five Chinese Elements; Gum, Muk, Sui, Foh, Toe; which are; Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth repectively. The last two stand for the Sun and the Moon. In QiGong theory, the Dipper is a reservoir of cosmic Qi (Celestial Energy), collecting Qi from all the other constellations and stars as it makes its yearly course.

Some interesting (but now rare) pamphlets on the subject in relation to comtemporary Taoist Magic have been written by Charles Waine, wherein he describes a process whereby the 'followers of the Way' may make use of this constellation. The techniques of this practice are taught in the Northern Bushel Monastery and relates to the circulation of the body of light which is found in the book intitled the Secret of the Golden Flower.

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