The second track on the Rolling Stones' 1968 Album, Beggar's Banquet


Bass: Bill Wyman
Rhythm acoustic guitar: Keith Richards
Slide acoustic guitar: Brian Jones
Vocal: Mick Jagger
Piano: Nicky Hopkins

A Mick Jagger/Keith Richards compostion, "No Expectations" followed the harder "Sympathy for the Devil" with a basic guitar and piano track.

That's Brian playing (steel guitar). We were sitting around in a circle on the floor, singing and playing, recording with open mics. That was the last time I remember Brian really being totally involved in something that was really worth doing. He was there with everyone else. It's funny how you remember - but that was the last moment I remember him doing that, because he had just lost interest in everything.
- Mick Jagger, 1995

Take me to the station and put me on a train
I've got no expectations to pass through here again

Once I was a rich man and now I am so poor
But never in my sweet, short life have I felt like this before

Your heart is like a diamond, you throw your pearls at swine
And as I watch you leaving me, you pack my peace of mind

Our love was like the water that splashes on a stone
Our love was like our music, it's here and then it's gone

So take me to the airport and put me on a plane
I've got no expectations to pass through here again

CST Approved

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