I'm waiting for a sign
  as to which way to go
I'm waiting for you
  to decide for yourself
Yours are choices that I cannot make
  that I will not make
It is your road to follow
  your path to choose
And yet, you still wait
  for me to tell you what to do

My decisions are my own
  I alone am responsible for them
I am cannot decide for you
  what should be done
The responsibility is too much
  for me to decide your life for you

I don't claim to know
  what is always right
Yet I do know this -
  what is right for me
Is not always the best
  for everyone else

Nor shall I be forced
  I swim in the current of life
Its flow pulls at me
  though I alone decide where I go
I am a person, as are you
  each with a mind to decide
If our paths should so part
  so be it.

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