A "town" in Massachusetts which is either a component or a suburb of Metro Boston. It adjoins Watertown and is basically one big affluent subdivision with seven Bread and Circuses (and the glorious Marty's Liquors), but it's an old subdivision and not an unattractive one. It's a bit like the Haverford of the North if you know the Main Line at all. If you don't, don't worry about it; you're not missing a whole hell of a lot.

The Fig Newton is named for Newton, and I am not making that up. The North American Biscuit Company, creator of the Fig Newton, used to have its factory in Central Square, Cambridge; the factory has since been converted into pleasant apartments (the Kennedy Biscuit Lofts) with very thick walls and high ceilings.

Newton's a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, known for its insanely high rent, basically making it one big city of upper class types. Through some accident of history it's also probably one of the most predominantly Jewish towns in the country. Not unusual for a suburb in the northeast, it is also highly liberal. One example of this, in my US history class we staged a mock election just before the 2000 election. The result: Al Gore had 7 votes, Ralph Nader had 8, and dubya got 1.

The children of these affluent liberals go through the well regarded Newton School System. They eventually reach either Newton North High School (NNHS for short), or Newton South High School (NSHS for short).

Newton is broken up into 7 villages, Newtonville, Newton Center, Newton Corner, Newton Highlands, Lower Falls, Upper Falls, and Waban.

Oh yeah, and the Mayor is the Spitting Image of Mr. Bean

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