Fig Newtons, plural, are yummy fruited low fat cake, not be confused with a cookie. Fig Newtons can be enjoyed anywhere, even in one's bed, because they have a propensity not to create crumbs. They can be gotten in many different flavours, with the Fig fruit being the most popular, and staple crop of many Middle Eastern countries. Saddam eat your heart out!

The Fig Newton is a tasty snack that has been popularized by an ad-campaign claiming it to be a cake rather than a cookie.

A recent purchase of mine has proven, however, that Nabisco has forgotten its past or simply put a numbskull at the helm of the packaging department. The current packaging for an individually wrapped, 1 oz. newton clearly states in bold, black, all-caps lettering "FRUIT CHEWY COOKIE."

Personally, i like to see conituity between a consumer product's packaging and advertisments. My favorite leprechaun, for example, never took back that Lucky Charms are magically delicious.

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