As my fellow DiverInc associate pointed out, NetNet is a local ISP based in Green Bay, WI servicing the greater Green Bay area and surrounding counties.

Founded in 1994, NetNet wasn't to be a public local service provider. It was actually designed and created to be an internet connection for the Pulaski, WI school district. Within four months of the initial request by the Pulaski school board, NetNet was operational and became the first Internet Service Provider in the greater Northeastern Wisconsin area.

NetNet initially offered the only form of connection at the time available for home use; dial-up. NetNet also has the distinction of being the first Northeastern Wisconsin ISP to offer the new 33.6 kbps connection speeds.

An overview of its service options include their dial-up, the nationwide 1-800 number, ISDN, DSL, web hosting, and their web design team, NetFX Studios.

As a user of NetNet before subscribing to RoadRunner, I was very pleased the customer service and quality of NetNet's dial-up service. Knowing several techs that work for NetNet now, I am safe in saying that the customer service has steadily decreased from when I was a user. A basic dial-up account will include 10 MB disk space, 5 e-mail boxes, e-mail/newsgroup/FTP/IRC/Gopher access, free personal non-commercial web pages, free usage of NetNet's Internet Repair Clinic, and a choice hourly fee plans. The most common dial-up fee plan is the unlimited hours for $21.95 a month.

The 1-800 number access for the NetNet service is suited for business travelers. There are two packages to choose from; the Elite Travel Package, $24.95/month, and the Premium Travel Package, $29.95/month. The Elite Travel Package includes unlimited access while in the local area, and offers up to three hours per month of 800# calls. Any additional minutes incurred over the three hours allotted per month are billed to the account at a rate of $.15 per minute. The Premuim Travel Package offers unlimited access while in the local area as well, and offers up to six hours per month of 800# calls. Any additional minutes incurred over the six hours allotted per month are billed to the account at a rate of $.15 per minute.

NetNet also offers ISDN services which include the dial-up 128K ISDN connection, and the dedicated 128K ISDN connection. NetNet specializes its ISDN services towards the small business solutions.

NetNet also offers a comprehensive list of various network services including mail servers, and coporate intranet upkeep. In additon to the networking services, NetNet offers a pretty reliable web hosting. With a boasted uptime of 99.9%, they tell me I can rest assured that my web page will be up day or night. How comforting.

NetNet also offers a superior web design branch, called NetFX Studios.

In the greater Green Bay area, if you are opting for dial-up connection, then NetNet is a viable option for those who don't want AOL's homogenized content, or other local ISP's lack of support/service.

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