Divergent, Inc; a ragtag group of loners brought together by arcane forces and a desire to seek out those similar to themselves. Formed in mid 2001, DiverInc as it is known for short, epitomizes the measures some individuals will take when faced with the lack of entertainment located in and around the greater Green Bay area.

Said lack of entertainment is a widespread plague in Green Bay. Options for activity in Green Bay are limited to movie theaters, Bay Beach, mini-golfing, go-karting, drinking, getting laid, getting high, and/or various illegal activities. Because of this, DiverInc has taken it upon itself to provide itself with the most forms of entertainment possible.

The group as a whole is comprised of five individuals whose pasts are different as can be. Ranging from a bachelor, coder, drunkard, and a socialite, among others, the diverse components of DiverInc are what makes its bonds stronger than those of a conventional posse.


Known Activities:

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