It's a little-known fact that infants up to two weeks of age are technically known as "neonates". You have to wonder why the scientific community doesn't just call them babies, for heaven's sake. But sometimes scientists just want to be wierd like that.

Just imagine, a mother having just gone through labor and demanding of the doctor or midwife, "Give me my Neonate!"

Anyway, on to more serious stuff... here are some interesting factoids about the Neonatal Period.

Their senses are highly developed, except for sight. They can only see about twenty-four inches in front of them. So if you're holding a baby in your lap, it can't see your face. You have to hold it up in order to stimulate it.

The thing they most love to look at: the human face

At 3 days, they are trying to imitate the facial expressions of those around them.

They move their arms and legs in cadence with their mother's speech.

Babies (or neonates) are highly organized, intelligent creatures. At this time in their life their brains are growing rapidly, thus making them more sensitive to the environment around them. Start reading to your children on the way home from the hospital, that's one of the best ways to start connecting with them and helping them to grow cognitively.

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