What "Nazi" is short for. Combines the collectivism and statism of socialism with extreme nationalism in the form of expansionism and racism.

See Adolf Hitler, German National Socialist Workers Party, Neo-Nazi.

There was nothing socialist, in the sense I use the term, about Nazi Germany. Mussolini had a name for Fascism and it was the "corporate state". Industry was privately owned, although the captains of industry were in collusion with the government, because war economy == big profits. Socialism implies -- or should imply -- worker control of industry. It is only a testament to the cogency of the socialist ideal that practically every political party outside the US claims to adhere to it. Whether nationalization without, or even with, democratic controls is socialism is debatable.

It's just as naive to consider the USSR socialist and soviet as to consider it a union of republics. Next you'll tell me democracy is inherently totalitarian because of the German Democratic Republic.

What the Nationalist Socialist rank-and-file did advocate was a Bolshevik-style nationalization of industry. Hitler put the kabosh on this with the Night of the Long Knives.

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