or No more going to Disneyland, damnit!

The magazine National Geographic Traveler has complied a list of 50 (+1) places in world the one should visit during a lifetime. Of course, a visit to all of these is hardly within the means of most people in the world - even if the last and 51st one is excluded - but it is an interested read. By using well-chosen categories, it gives a fresh perspective on what is worth seeing. All too often traveling journalism is focused on activities rather than experiences, and therefore much of what you read in magazines is focused on large cities. I like how places like Sahara and Antarctica are on the list, where the void itself is part of the experience I assume. Also, this list isn't at all as pretentious like some other lists you see. It doesn't involve Lonely Planet- or Condé Nast Traveler-like places, whose only point is to make us lowly mortals feel envious. 

The selection was made by the National Geographic Society, which has had journalists and scientists traveling around the world since 1888. Anyhow, here's the list, consisting of 5 categories with 10 places each, in alphabetical order within each category:


Urban Spaces
Hong Kong
New York
Rio de Janeiro
San Francisco

Wild Places 
Amazon river
Canadian Rocky Mountains
Galápagos islands 
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Australian outback, Queensland
Papua New Guinea reefs
Serengeti, Tanzania
Venezuela’s Tepuis

Paradise Found
Amalfi Coast of Italy
Boundary Waters of Minnesota
British Virgin Islands
Greek archipelago
Hawaiian Islands
Japanese Ryokan
Kerala, India
Torres del Paine, Chile
Pacific Islands

Country Unbound
Big Sur, California
Canadian maritimes, Nova Scotia
Coast of Norway
Danang to Hue, Vietnam
England’s Lake district
Loire valley, France
North Island, New Zealand
Tuscany, Italy

World Wonders 
Giza pyramids
Great wall of China
Machu Picchu
Mesa Verde
Taj Mahal
Vatican City

The Final Frontier 



Read more at http://www.nationalgeographic.com/traveler/index50.html

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