In Norse Mythology, Nastrond was the name given to the Hell that would be inhabited by the defeated giants after Ragnarok. Its conception, relative to the 'normal' underworld of Utgard, seems to be similar to that in Greek Mythology of Tartarus, said to be seven times lower than Hades. This is the only true Hell of the Norse mythos, since even Utgard and the realm of Hel are regarded as being merely ill-omened, rather than actually a seat of torments in the medieval Christian sense. Compare also Sheol and Gehenna.

The British children's fantasy author Alan Garner used the name Nastrond for the spirit of cosmic evil in his Celtic/Norse fantasy books, The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and The Moon of Gomrath. This evil deity, allied to the Morrigan, is said to dwell in an abyss named Ragnarok. This use of terms to refer to elements distinct from their original mythic connotation is typical of Garner's work.

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