Carlos Castaneda tells us of a dual conception of reality in his books about magic and ritual belief in Mexico. The two halves of reality are expressed by the terms "Tonal" and "Nagual".

The Tonal is defined as "...the space in which the average person exists during the duration of life," and as "...the organizer that gives meaning and significance to everything having to do with awareness."

The Nagual is defined as "...that about which it is impossible to think", and as"...all that exists outside the Tonal."

The Nagual cannot be understood or verbalized, since understanding and words belong to the Tonal. It nevertheless can be witnessed and experienced, which is one of the prime objectives of a sorcerer.

I thought that old Carlos' attitude would be helpful in wrapping your (and my) mind around the problem presented by Foaf in his node "God can create a stone so heavy even he can't lift it".

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