NHOM is the New Hampshire branch of Destination Imagination. They were formerly a branch of Odyssey of the Mind, but kept their name (not without a battle) when they made the transition (read the OM node for the explaination I won't repeat here. They went to court over the name, (pronouced like gnome, in the long tradition of puns), and they won the right to keep that and the NHOM logo. They now follow the DI rules (an amended set of OM's old rules).

NHOM (in mine and many other people's opinion) is one of the best DI program in the country. They are fortunate for the following reasons: It's an excellent network of coaches, judges, students, alumni, and family. Many people have raised their families on this program, with excellent results. In it's twenty year history (since 1978), it has raised quite a tradition of excellence, and every year the students meet that bar, and oftentimes exceed it.

The NHOM website is at:

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