Myth Adventures is a comic book adapted by Robert Aspirin and Phil Foglio and illustrated by Phil Foglio. Myth Adventures is adapted from the first novel of Robert Aspirin's Myth Series, Another Fine Myth. Originally published by Starblaze Graphics as an 8 issue series, it was later collected into two graphic novels.

Myth Adventures is wonderfully illustrated(with a small background appearance of Phil Foglio's Buck Godot), and is a great read as a fantasy or humour comic.

It follows the story of Skeeve, a wizard's apprentice, who after being with his master, Garkin, has learned to levitate objects and light a candle(sort of). When Garkin decides, that Skeeve still isn't putting enough effort into the magic, he decides him to show more of the power of magic. He begins a ritual to summon a great demon!

But as his master is casting the summoning spell, an assassin enters their hut and shoots Garkin, as Garkin disentagrates the assassin.

And the demon appears.. and says, "Boo."

Apparently the demon that Garkin summoned was an old drinking buddy from another dimension. Aahz, the demon(or actually Pervect), makes Skeeve his apprentice once he realizes that he's lost all of his magical abilities.

For Skeeve and Aahz are going to stop the man that killed Garkin. A great wizard, Isstvan, who wants to destroy all other wizards. Their voyage of mythadventure begins.

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