A product of the Bexley Pen Company, the Multi-Max is a writing instrument that is fairly unique, and quite fun. The basic piece is a nice fat acrylic barrel in a neat pattern. On one end is a button that opens and closes a “claw” on the other. This claw grabs whatever refill happens to be loaded.

The primary load is the pencil. This is not the wimpy 0.5 mm lead in the mechanical pencil used by the PHBs in my office—it is eleven times that. At 5.5 millimeters, it’s not merely a lead, but a charcoal briquette! It is made into a point with the included sharpener, and is really fun for doodling, taking notes, and other applications where you need a pencil, but it doesn’t need to be extremely fine for very long.

Also included in its presentation tin are refills that turn it into a ballpoint pen, a roller ball pen, or a highlighter. A few are searching for just the right material to create a PDA Stylus for it. I have heard reports of people inserting somewhat trimmed down gelly rolls. Pretty much, any writing instrument that is about 5-6 mm will fit nicely, providing a quality, nice-looking writing instrument that suites your taste.

The Multi-Max was released in 2001, and has been a pretty good seller. It has earned quite a reputation among pen collectors.

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