In keeping with the Bexley Pen Company's philosophy of creating pens "reminiscent of the Golden Age of Fountain Pens," the Bexley original is a replica of the original Parker Duofold fountain pen (of "Big Red" fame).

Around the same time the Bexley Original came out, Parker released a "new" Duofold. However, Parker's was a new VW Beetle/old Beetle--it modernized the Duofold considerably. However, Bexley's piece, when put along side a Duofold from the 1920s is indistinguishable, save for materials. The Original uses modern acrylics in a variety of patterns.

Where Parker's new Duofold used a cartridge/converter fill mechanism, the Bexley Original used a button-fill mechanism. It had a blind cap that hid a button. Pressing the button flexed the pressure bar. This in turn compressed a bladder inside the pen. Releasing the button, a vacuum is created, drawing ink from a bottle. Though this once was a common mechanism on fountain pens, when the Original was produced (the early 1990s), it had become rare.

The Original certainly keeps with the Bexley philosophy: it is a vintage fountain pen created today. Though the modern Parker Duofold is certainly a great pen, and works well, it doesn't capture the spirit of the original Duofold as well as Bexley's piece.

Personally, I don't have to choose--I have a 1929 and 1995 Parker Duofold, and a Bexley Original.


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