The creative energies spent developing new brain goo to play with.. and ways for it to get even messier, stickier and more perverted than ever. Mucilagination, a state of former pre-mucil stage fun, is invented in the mind and shot through cerebral ion cannons (only available on certain planets, not including Earth) into large bins which are then spun until they emit a puke-like substance when their particles split.

If you have a Mucilagination, it is almost guaranteed you picked it up unwittingly from kissing nomadic aliens. Your mind will be in an unalterable state, you experience everything at once, which flows out your hands with little or no control. Free form phlegm fun features frequently flying formats of liquid frog flesh flung far beyond reasonable stages. These persons, who are afflicted with Mucilagination, need to be avoided at all costs, and above all..


Their nodes contain secret secretions that penetrate from light waves into your eyes where they transpose over the hidden gooey sleep that hides in the corners of your image orbs and infiltrates your most precious dreams & PERVERTS them..

Do Not Rub Your Eyes either... that makes it worse.

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