The nickname by which James Bond became known in Italy and Japan, after the first three or so films.

Original song written for the film, Thunderball.

After the smash success of Goldfinger as a single, composer John Barry called in songwriter Leslie Bricusse again (Anthony Newley was unavailable). They agreed that writing a song based on the new film's title, Thunderball, was going to be tricky to write lyrics for (what rhymes with thunderball? dunderball? chundermall?). So instead they wrote "Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," and had Shirley Bassey record it. They weren't happy with it, and so Dionne Warwick recorded a new arrangement. Then the producers stepped in and said, no, we need a song called "Thunderball" (Was Bassey threatening legal action? Was "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" too suggestive for airplay?)-- and so Barry went back to the studio with lyricist Don Black and "Thunderball" was sung by Tom Jones. You can hear the Bassey and Warwick arrangements on "The Best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection" double CD (The single CD has only Warwick's version).

The nickname is also used to refer to the Web Site of the Ian Fleming Foundation at

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