An emo band from the DC area. They were: Tonie Joy (guitar), Monica DiGialleonardo (bass), Mark Laurance (drums) and Jon Vance (vocals and lyrics.) They formed in 1987 and played together sporadically through 1991, when they broke up for an extended period. They got back together in 2001 in a slightly-bastardized form and played a few shows.


  • Mahpia Luta 7"
  • Memorial 7"
  • Split 12" with Silver Bearings
  • Lyburnum CD/LP (tracks from CD version listed)
The only one of the above releases still in print is Lyburnum on CD, and it may still be in print on LP but I'm not positive. It's available on Vermiform Records (AKA Vermin Scum).

As their career progressed, Mr. Vance toned down his screaming and settled into more a rhythmic speaking/poetry reading tone for the majority of the vocals. Also, the rhythms got more complicated and I believe they either brought in a second guitarist or Tonie Joy did some overdubs. (Overdubs in the emo scene are rather looked down upon, so I venture a guess at the second guitarist theory.) The lyrics are highly poetic and often feel very nostalgic.

As far as the actual music is concerned, there's quite a bit of contrast between quiet parts and loud parts. On some songs they simply take one riff and repeat it throughout the song. In this they were an influence on a later DC band, Lungfish.

All in all quite an amazing band. Tonie Joy has gone on to work in Lava, Universal Order of Armageddon and most recently The Convocation Of.

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