What happens when you mix the drama of a court show, the conflict and emotion of a talk show with the excitement of a game show? Why Moral Court of course, where it pays to be right!

The basics:
  • Hour long show, several (at least three) cases.
  • Run by Judge Larry Elder.
  • There is always a accuser and the accused (well, pretty standard for a court room type thing...).
  • The winner can be awarded one of three different purses. $500.00 for simply being wrong, and upto $2,000.00 for somthing being simply outragous.
  • At the end of every case the audience gets to become involved, and make comments twards the accuser and the accused.
  • If the accused is not found morally wrong, the accuser is usually found to be morally wrong for dragging them all the way to Moral Court.
  • A case is usually never dismissed (eg: Someone always wins).

Now, that we have the basics, lets look at some example cases (these are lifted directly from the MoralCourtTv website):
  • "There is No Santa Claus" A mother wants to tell her child that there is a Santa Claus, but daddy says that's lying.
  • "The Abusive Bouncer" A woman is outraged that a bouncer stops her from entering a nightclub because of her looks.
  • "Indecent Real Estate Proposal" A woman is upsetting her live-in boyfriend by using her sex appeal to land big time real estate clients.

It's a good show, but can you tell that it's on Fox? =o

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