You will have nothing to do at home, brother.
You will not be able to merge your content with your platform.
You will get lost in a bad user interface, an endless grid,
You'll miss sliding out for beer during commercials,
Because the television will not be revolutionized.

The television will not be revolutionized.

The Television will not precipitate the inevitable class war
In 4 parts without commercial interruption.
The Television will not show you pictures of Al Gore
Winning the election by several thousand votes
The television will not read you articles from The Economist
or answer your phone or order pizza or even work with your stereo.

The Television will not be revolutionized.

The Television will be not be indistinguishable
from Award Winning Reality (tm) and will not function as a
substitute for your mom, your dad, your babysitter, or your love interest.
The Television will not let you read the Library of Congress in your underwear.
The Television will not turn into hot throbbing sex in a black plastic box.
The Television will not make the message medium-
Sized, because

The Television will not be revolutionized, Brother.

There will be no global gangbang of Jennifer Lopez
narrated in ASCII text by anonymous teenagers in Germany,
Pretending to be Americans pretending to be Black Americans.
NBC will not cross pollinate with ABC or CBS or the WTO or the NSA or NAFTA
Or suddenly marry demand to supply in a globally (logistically),
integrated market.

The Television will not be revolutionized.

There will be no lethal use of Electromagnetic Force
Making the CRT explode, lacerating the faces of your enemies.
By remote control, all you have to know is the serial number
Off the picture tube and a downloadable script from a serial killer.
There will be no slow motion of your cherished childhood
memories, replaying everything that you ever forgot
Because if you remembered it all you'd go crazy right in the middle
of the produce aisle.

Your powermac, double-booting Red Hat Linux, and Powerpuff Girls 
Sticker on your parents' station wagon will no longer be so damned relevant,
Women will not care if Dick Cheney is actually ghost writing The West Wing
Because people will not become overnight Indie Film moguls,
no matter how goddamned fancy their PC is.
The television will not be revolutionized

The Revolution will not be revolutionized.

The Revolution will not take into account intellectual capital's primacy,
The Coca Cola corporation's brand equity,or
The laziness of the human spirit
Or the inverse ratio of distance to
Power as it relates to human altruism.

The Television will not be televised.

The Television will not be pointed into the camera
which is televising the camera's output in an endless recursive loop,
Creating one of those horrible 1970's video effects.
You will not wear a seamless suit that is both camera and display,
Perfectly transmitting the light from one side of you to the other side
Making you an invisible, ambulatory television.

The Television will not transmit the taste of Coca Cola to your tongue.

The Television will not run on open source programming, or read your neighbor's
mind, or convert your sexual frustration into a dull blue glow that smells like 

The Television WILL occupy a couple of cubic feet of your living room, bathroom, 
or bedroom.

The Television will not be revolutionized, WILL not be revolutionized,

The television is a magic mirror that will show you yourself
the way you want to see yourself, the way someone else wants you to see
yourself at sixty half-frames a second,
a glass frame smaller than a window
that pretends to collapse time and perspective
in a handful of phosphor dots.

The Television is alive.

Please see Gil Scott-Heron's transcendent The Revolution will not be Televised, because it's one of the best things I've ever heard.

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