A monophonic analog pedal board synthesizer. Manufactured between 1976 and 1981.

The Taurus was originally intended to be the simple bass synth section of the Constellation ensemble system. After small modifications it was released as a standalone instrument.

The synth engine on The Taurus is identical to the one on Moog Rogue. The circuitry is simple: 2 VCOs, one 4-pole low-pass VCF, one AD envelope generator and an LFO.
3 preset instruments (tuba, bass, taurus) are available, with one programmable sound. There is no memory for user patches however.
Since the synth is designed to be played with your feet, Instead of a keyboard there is a 13-note pedal board. Also featured are foot-switches for portamento, octave switching and release. A CV/gate interface is included for external control.

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