An analog synthesizer that never made it past the prototype stage in its original form.
Designed in the early 70s. Also known as the Polyphonic Ensemble and 800 System.

The Constellation was intended to be a 3-part setup with a fully polyphonic keyboard, a separate monophonic synth plus a pedal board working as a bass synthesizer. The three units were also going to be sold separately.

The Components:

The synthesizer with a 48-note keyboard and full polyphony which would've been the core of the Constellation. Designed by Dave Luce. Keith Emerson used a prototype on stage.
Eventually, after many modifications like a longer keyboard and a second VCO for each voice, Apollo was commercially released as the PolyMoog.

Designed by Jim Scott and Bob Moog, this was the monophonic synth designed to sit on top of the Apollo. It was quite similar to the MultiMoog model, and featured the velocity sensitive keyboard that had its commercial debute on the Multi.
Emerson also used this on his 1974 tour, confusingly calling it "Constellation".

The pedal-controlled bass synth actually made it into production as a standalone instrument after some re-designing. Both Taurus and Taurus II models were released.

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