ModCon is an annual event catering to those with an interest in extreme body modification. To be invited, one must either have such modifications (for example: subincision, implants, amputation, or castration) or be a practitioner. As you can imagine, it is closed to the media and voyeurs, and participants are required to sign non-disclosure agreements. ModCon is free, being 100% sponsored by BMEzine and Shannon Larratt.

The logo for ModCon is a skewered testicle in front of a subincised penis with a drop of fluid, encircled. ModCon 99 was the first, taking place in Toronto. ModCon 2000 was also in Toronto, and future ModCons will most likely stay in place. Pictures and reports are available at the ModCon website ( and a ModCon Book with pictures and videos of the festivities has recently been released by BMEzine.

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