Nutball is a sport which involves two male players, a narrow playing space about fifteen to twenty feet long, and a small throwing object, such as a raquetball or beanbag.

Each player stands at one end of the playing area, and they flip a coin to see who throws first. The object of the game is to hit the other player in the testicles by throwing the ball underhand. If the target player moves or flinches, the thrower is allowed a free throw.

A player scores by landing the ball in the other's testicles and causing him to cry out in pain. The first player who reaches 3 points is the winner.

There is a modification of this game known as Flaming Nutball. This involves covering the ball in a flammable material such as lighter fluid and setting it ablaze before throwing it. In order to reduce the risk of burning hands, the ball can be thrown from a pot or other bowl-like container.

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