I think that I dated one of these once. She was very domineering. I mean she walked on the ground I worshiped. Really I mean this gal was pretty bad, a real Werewolf with matching shoes and handbag. And she was a geek girl too, she used to beat me with a Cat-5 o' nine tails, and strap me to the backside of circut boards (you know the side with all the pointy bits) with scsi cables and then throw CDs at me all the while shouting "Whose got root access now bitch!" There was one particularly harrowing evening when she was in a particularly bad mood, she forced me to take the MCSE tests while she flogged my scrotum with a null-modem cable.

I think I'll stick to nice girls from now on.
A collection of misanthropy masquerading as social commentary. The Misanthropic Bitch maintains a website (http://www.misanthropic-bitch.com) in which she voices her disgust with:

With a tagline of "Providing jack-off material for white misogynists since 1997," it's a safe bet you'll be a better person for never reading most of her articles. Her constant sense of smug self-satisfaction with the irate email she receives from activist groups starts to grate very quickly, and her superiority complex is insufferable, quickly eclipsing any entertainment value gleaned from her HORRIFICALLY non-PC views, which tend to be far-left to the point of distraction.

Perfect to send your shiftless friends to!

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