Mike Krause is hated and considered evil by many other people who run MUDs. Medievia uses Circle MUD code, which is shareware. Circle MUD requires that you list them in the opening page for the MUD if you use their code to build your MUD. Medievia does not do that. Granted, the code is heavily modified from the original, but it still has fragments and zones from the original. He won't give the proper authors credit.

This is one of many reasons why I retired from Medievia in 1996. I stopped playing and helping to build MUDs in general in November of 1998.

Mike Krause's MUD (Multi-User-Dungeon), Medievia IV, is a derivative of Merc, not CircleMUD (as was stated by Zari), although both of those are derivatives of the original DikuMUD.

Krause claims, essentially, that Medievia IV has undergone too many changes from the Diku stock to be considered a Diku MUD. While it is true that Med has undergone many alterations from, and additions to, the original Merc/Diku code, it is still a derivative of that. It is impossible to play the game without seeing the influence of Merc and DikuMud, and the authors of those games deserve recognition for their work.

Krause is quite clearly in violation of both the Merc and Diku licenses in the way he runs the MUD, by not giving the authors of Diku credit, by not including a Merc help file, and by operating, basically, for-profit (“donations”).

There are probably some other points, but those are the major ones.

The above information was gleaned, in general, from the following two sites. Both are good explanations, written by a former Medievia coder and a former player.

A self-professed madman, desperately hanging on to his dated 18-year-old MUD, refusing to believe that big business MMORPGs have replaced this archaic form of entertainment.

Vryce constantly writes how Medievia will become popular with hundreds of thousands of players online. (At its height, Medievia had 700 simultaneous players online after a fullpage PC Gamer advertisement. Now it averages 100-150, mostly all old-time players.)

He is currently obsessed with his latest iteration of the Medievia codebase, to be launched in Q1 2010.


"Being the man who has to decide what the game is and how it will be played is like staring infinity right in the face. I am not normal because of it all." (ANNOUNCEMENT 783)
"I am going to torch the old game. Kiss it good bye ... There will be hardly any testing before changes are moved to the public server. I am asking you to test for me. To be honest I am ordering you to do it. I give you no choice at all." (Vryce's Journal, "266 days left")
"You are my bitch if you log in, and if you mouth off against the war (gameplay changes) you will be put down (banned)." (Vryce's Journal, "266 days left")
"We all know my madness will not be satisfied with a few thousand people online. I have devoted my life to this. I want the world. I want google falling over backwards to somehow yank Medievia from our grip ... I want millions of people playing Medievia." (Vryce's Journal, "259 days left")

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