(1939- ) Swords-and-sorcery fiction author, also associated with the rock bands Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind, and the Deep Fix; he did a truly awful trilogy of sci-fi involving Hawkwind. Best known for his stories about various aspects of the Eternal Champion, including (but not limited to): Avid Moorcock readers will note the common initials "J.C." among Moorcock's heroes: Jherek Carnelian, Lord Jagged of Canaria, Jeremiah "Jerry" Cornelius (and the thinly-veiled "Jehemiah Cohnalias" of the Count Brass novels), and Corum Jhaelen Irsei.
Much of Moorcock's fantasy work is dark and sad; his heroes are often doomed to murder sidekicks and lovers, to seek peace only to find strife, to die in a world they helped create, by the hand of those they considered allies.
Moorcock's Eternal Champion books have been reprinted in 15 volumes by White Wolf, available in hardcover and trade paperback.

    Listing, and some commentary
  1. The Eternal Champion -- introduces most of the major elements of the cycle. The Multiverse is in eternal conflict between Law and Chaos, with the Champion a reluctant fighter for the Balance.
    The Eternal Champion -- the introduction of Erekose/John Daker. A normal 20th century Londoner, he is summoned to another world to defend humanity from the Eldren. In the end when he takes up the Black Sword he exterminates humanity and goes to live with his love among the Eldren.
    The Sundered Worlds -- previously published as The Blood-Red Game -- Renark von Bek, count of the Rim, goes to the edge of the galaxy to raid the Sundered Worlds, a stellar system that wanders though the multiverse. He ends up dying at the end of his universe, sacrificing himself so that Asquiol, an incarnation of the Champion, can save the remnants of humanity. This book introduces the runestaff, and von Bek as a companion.
    Phoenix in Obsidian -- previously published as The Silver Warriors -- Erekose is summoned to a dying Earth to fight silver-clad moon warriors. He ends up cooperating with the Silver Queen to use his Black Sword and the Chalice to recharge the dying sun.
    To Rescue Tanelorn -- originally part of the Elric Saga -- a short story, the first appearance of Tanelorn, the Unchanging City of Peace.
  2. Von Bek -- tells the story of the von Bek family, custodians of the Grail and companions (and occasionally, incarnations) of the Eternal Champion.
    The War Hound and the World's Pain -- Graf Ulrich von Bek strikes a deal with the devil in the 17th century. In this mythology, Lucifer is charged with the redemption of the Earth.
    The City in the Autumn Stars -- Manfred von Bek in the late 18th century. This book is not as coherent as most of the EC novels, following more the pattern of Moorcock's later works like The War Amongst The Angels.
    The Dragon in the Sword -- Ulrich von Bek escapes 1939 Nazi Germany into another realm entirely, where he hooks up with Erekose. Together they manage to screw up the Nazis (through von Bek's special familial role as Guardian of the Grail) and free a benevolent dragon from an incarnation of the Black Sword. Interestingly, Erekose's association with the Chalice has the side effect of liberating John Daker from his tormented existence as the Eternal Champion, returning him to his old life in London -- possibly the only incarnation of the Eternal Champion to be so redeemed. It's fitting, because Erekose is the only incarnation who is fully aware of who and what he is.
    The Pleasure Garden of Felipe Sagittarius -- short story, brief romp through an alternate world where most of the characters from the von Bek books play alternate roles.
  3. Hawkmoon -- The first of two volumes involving Dorian Hawkmoon and the Runestaff. "An oath sworn upon the Runestaff will always be fulfilled..." This volume also introduces the Warrior in Black and Gold, a servant of the Balance who prods the Champion when he gets too reluctant, offering advice, help, or a swift boot to the head when needed.
    The Jewel in the Skull -- in a future Europe dominated by animal-masked, brutal Britons, a young German prince is made into a weapon to take down the last free realm, Kamarg. He rebels and becomes defender and heir of Count Brass, lord of Kamarg.
    The Mad God's Amulet -- Adventures across Europe, and the safety of Kamarg assured by shifting it out of phase with the rest of the world.
    The Sword of the Dawn -- Hawkmoon travels to Amarekh to recover both the Black Sword (here more pinkish, with the ability to call up a legion of dead warriors} and the Runestaff.
    The Runestaff -- big finish, massive battles, with the Runestaff taking human form as a boy named Jehamia Cohnahlias...
  4. A Nomad of the Time Streams -- Oswald Bastable's tale. The characters and organizations from these books turn up in the end of time works, and in the Jerry Cornelius books.
    The Warlord of the Air
    The Land Leviathan
    The Steel Tsar
  5. Elric: Song of the Black Sword -- part one of the tale of Elric.
    Elric of Melnibone
    The Fortress of the Pearl
    The Sailor on the Seas of Fate
    The Dreaming City
    While the Gods Laugh
    The Singing Citadel
  6. The Roads Between the Worlds -- Some more of the early works, tied together by Renark von Bek, Count of the Rim (not the von Bek of The Sundered Worlds, but a character from Moorcock's later works, wielder of a Purdy loaded with angel shot and a Webley .45....)
    The Wrecks of Time -- Dr. Faustaff and his team work to prevent the destruction of a group of alternate Earths.
    The Winds of Limbo -- a mysterious trickster figure, the Fireclown, upsets a too-stable future society.
    The Shores of Death -- in a future where the Earth no longer turns, one man defies everything.
  7. Corum: The Coming Of Chaos -- part one of the tale of Corum Jhaelen Irsei
    The Knight of the Swords
    The Queen of the Swords
    The King of the Swords
  8. Sailing to Utopia -- more science fiction.
    The Ice Schooner -- on a frozen future Earth nomads search for the truth of their world. After they go to New York they learn that the ice will soon be melting.
    The Black Corridor
    The Distant Suns -- Jerry Cornelius at his most heroic commands a space mission to find a suitable colony world.
    Flux -- short story starring Max von Bek as a traveler into what is essentially the nodegel of reality.
  9. Kane of Old Mars -- a tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Kane is very similar to John Carter. He does turn up playing a different role in other Eternal Champion tales (but, if you have read this far, you know that happens all the time!).
    City of the Beast
    Lord of the Spiders
    Masters of the Pit
    Interestingly, this homage to ERB reminds me more of Philip Jose Farmer than anything else.
  10. The Dancers at the End of Time -- Jherek Carnelian's story. A decadent dweller at the far end of time falls head-over-heels in love with a proper Victorian lady. Features a guest apperance by Oswald Bastable and Una Persson.
    An Alien Heat
    The Hollow Lands
    The End of All Songs
  11. Elric: The Stealer of Souls -- part two of the story of Elric Womanslayer, last lord of Melnibone.
    The Sleeping Sorceress
    The Revenge of the Rose
    The Stealer of Souls
    Kings in Darkness
    The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams
    I do not have copies of the following books and so have limited information. A little help here please.
  12. The Prince with the Silver Hand -- part two of the tales of Corum.
  13. Legends From the End of Time -- includes the short story "Elric at the End of Time".
  14. Earl Aubec
  15. Count Brass -- I believe this is part two of the story of Hawkmoon.

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